Civil Challenges (wills/intestacies/estate)

Civil Challenges (wills/intestacies/estate)

Contesting a will does involve some sort of emotions, as after losing your loved one, challenging his/her will is easier said than done. However, if you have serious reservations with reference to the authenticity of a will, it is imperative to act promptly. This is so, as, in case of unexplained delay, the chances of seeking inheritance claims are quite gloomy.

Most of the people challenge a Will with a belief that their rights have been infringed. Hence, they challenge the Will to seek their claims on estates under the rules of intestacy.

What Renders a will Disputed

The major causes, which make a ‘Will’ disputed, are mentioned as under.

  • There are reasons to believe that a Will is fraudulent
  • There was an element of Undue influence which forced the Testator to make certain changes in the Will
  • When the validity of a Will is Under Question
  • The mental capacity of Testator or Will maker was not satisfactory

How we can Help?

At TMC Soliciotrs, we offer the services of our seasoned civil law solicitors for dealing with various civil matters including disputes over Wills. We do understand the emotional aspects of our clients during such type of litigation; hence, we keep things simple and straightforward.

We pride our team of qualified and experienced solicitors, who are capable of tackling numerous disputes, which arise while challenging a Will. However, some of them are listed below.

  • Disputes concerning financial aspects of a Will
  • When the Executor of a Will is disputed
  • Disputes regarding the role of a Will Writer/drafter or Solicitor
  • Disputes over the negligent behavior of a professional while advising the Testator or Will maker

In case of any queries about the probate process, you can contact us without any hesitation. We will try to provide you with the most relevant and authentic advice, which will serve as a milestone for achieving the desired outcome.

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No case is the same as another, and we do not take a ‘one size fits all approach’ to our clients. We prepare and undertake a tailored strategy based on our client’s individual’s needs and circumstances. Our experienced team is able to provide advice and assistance in various legal areas.

Our team will undertake a formal review of your case documents and advise you on the suggested next steps. Our expertise in this area means that care and consideration will be used when reviewing your file. We understand that matters can be time sensitive and you will receive our advice promptly following our instructions.

We are experts in advising and dealing with complex matters on behalf of vulnerable clients. Our team is committed to fighting for justice and providing a high quality service for all of our clients.

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