Conflicts with Retailers/Suppliers

Conflicts with Retailers/Suppliers

Contracts are highly essential for smooth operation of any business. Retailers, suppliers and service providers also enter into a contract with their clients, which governs their relationship and terms of business. However, it is unfortunately observed that sometimes the parties to the contract don’t honor the terms of such a contract.

When a company with which you have contracted, doesn’t follow the contractual obligations, it can cast drastic impact over your business. Hence, it is essential to take immediate action and resolve the dispute with a view to avoid further issues.

Conflicts with retailers or suppliers are common. While making a purchase, a consumer normally expects that the product or service is reliable and will serve the purpose well for which it is bought or hired respectively. However, a dispute is inevitable if such item or service doesn’t live up to the expectations of a consumer. Following are the major issues, which may cause a conflict to rise between service provider/retailer and consumer.

  • When defective goods are supplied or bad services provided
  • Disputes regarding sale or purchase of property
  • Not paying for the goods or work

How we can Help?

Here at TMC Solicitors, our dedicated team of solicitors offers their expertise to handle a wide range of commercial litigations. We have professional expertise required to advise and assist our valued clients regarding their disputes with retailers, suppliers or service providers. Apart from litigation, we can also assist you, while taking into account, alternate options for resolving the dispute such as arbitration and mediation.

Following are some of the areas where you can rely on our expertise:

  • Consumer and retailer disputes
  • Disputes regarding service and goods contract
  • Distribution and agency contract disputes
  • E-commerce contract disputes
  • Professional service contract disputes

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No case is the same as another, and we do not take a ‘one size fits all approach’ to our clients. We prepare and undertake a tailored strategy based on our client’s individual’s needs and circumstances. Our experienced team is able to provide advice and assistance in various legal areas.

Our team will undertake a formal review of your case documents and advise you on the suggested next steps. Our expertise in this area means that care and consideration will be used when reviewing your file. We understand that matters can be time sensitive and you will receive our advice promptly following our instructions.

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