Plying For Hire

Plying For Hire

Driving offences may prove destructive for the taxi licence and job of a driver. These offences include driving without an insurance or illegal plying for hire. Taxi drivers facing the charges of driving offences are advised by the Council to seek legal advice and instruct a solicitor for proper representation. So, if you need a competent lawyer, we offer our services for this purpose.

We possess the right skills and knowledge to prepare the case and appear in the court on your behalf. Our overwhelming success rate is the true depiction of our professional abilities.

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No case is the same as another, and we do not take a ‘one size fits all approach’ to our clients. We prepare and undertake a tailored strategy based on our client’s individual’s needs and circumstances. Our experienced team is able to provide advice and assistance in various legal areas.

Our team will undertake a formal review of your case documents and advise you on the suggested next steps. Our expertise in this area means that care and consideration will be used when reviewing your file. We understand that matters can be time sensitive and you will receive our advice promptly following our instructions.

We are experts in advising and dealing with complex matters on behalf of vulnerable clients. Our team is committed to fighting for justice and providing a high quality service for all of our clients.

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