Latest Updates:

The Home Secretary has announced that revised minimum wage thresholds for foreign worker visas will be implemented in the forthcoming weeks. In an attempt to regulate legal immigration, the Government disclosed last December about impending constraints affecting individuals travelling to Britain, inclusive of their family members.

This represents a significant escalation in the minimum wage requirement necessary for obtaining a visa.

Significant new policies by the Home Office:

  • The Home Office disclosed on Tuesday about significant new policies related to visa-related minimum wage adjustments. These reforms, taking effect on 11th March 2024, will curb the ability of care workers to bring family members into the UK. Care providers sponsoring migrants are also required to register with the Care Quality Commission from this date.
  • A critical change note: From April 4 2024 onwards, for those acquiring a Skilled Worker Visa, they must now exhibit evidence of an increased minimal salary threshold - raised substantially from £26,200 annually to a more robust figure of £38,700.
  • Simultaneously commencing in stages from April 11 onwards is another vital revision: Augmenting the minimum income criteria for candidates looking forward to bringing dependents over into Britain on family visas. Starting with an immediate leap up by nearly two-thirds—from £18‚600—all way upwards until at least £29‚000 per annum; without confirmation unveiled yet concerning any further progression beyond this limit.

A formal statement from the Home Office affirmed that the evaluation process for previously submitted applications would adhere to preceding regulations.


Previous Updates:

The UK government has proposed an increase on immigration health surcharge (I H S). The increase is set to come into effect on 16 January 2024 at the earliest. The I H S will rise from £624 per year to £1035 per year. The fees for under 18s will rise from £470 per year to £776 per year. Click here for further details.


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